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Time management training is a tricky thing. It’s not because you worked and have been busy the whole day, that you had a productive day.

Being Busy versus being productive

Make time for deep work! Are you just busy or are you productive? Think about it. These two mindsets seem similar at first sight, but there is a totally different way of working behind it. “Productivity emerges when people push themselves to think differently” – (Quote: Charles Duhigg). You don’t want to be the guy who is always busy, but doesn’t get deep work done.

Discover the difference between being busy & being productive!

You are busy

  • I get work done, when I check off my to do’s on my list.
  • I perceive the tasks/responsibilities that are delegated to me, as a chore: I have to do them.
  • When I have to run from one meeting to the next, because it is expected of me.
  • I answer every mail in my inbox within 24 hours.
  • I don’t have the time to think about long-term objectives.

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You are productive

  • I get work done, when I achieve the results I set out for today.
  • I perceive the tasks/responsibilities that were delegated to me, as a choice: I am free to do them in a certain way. (when, how, …)
  • When I can influence my working day by the choices I make. (for example: How much time will I be in meetings? How long will I work on x? …)
  • When I am working on something, I know exactly why I am doing this. (It helps me to… , It allows others to…, It leads to…)
  • I don’t have to get it all done by myself, I am just responsible for the end-result.
  • Every week, I have at least one long-term objective in the back of my mind, I want to finish by the end of the week.
  • I visualize a ‘mental model’ of my ideal working day & try to ignore the distractions that don’t fit in it. 
(For more info on this, click here for an interview with Charles Duhigg – it’s at 12 min.)

 Today just focus on being productive, not busy!





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