Time Management Magazine

Time Management Magazine

So after two months the Habit Magazine is back! Time for the Time management magazine. This edition is all about habits to gain more time to be with the people we love and for hobbies we love doing.

When you start thinking about time, it is pretty bewildering to grasp that time really is a non-renewable resource and this makes it one of or most precious resources. So it is definitely worth thinking about ways how we can gain more time. In this magazine we are going to show you ways how you can manage your time better, how to gain more time to do things you love and how to find time for the deep work.

Are you productive or just busy?

This magazine is not just about managing your daily to do’s. It’s about helping you to focus on those things that matter. Are you productive or just busy? These two mindsets seem similar at first sight, but there is a totally different way of working behind it. Productivity emerges when people push themselves to think differently. You don’t want to be the guy who is always busy, but doesn’t get deep work done.

At the CUTESolutions office, we experience the daily struggle between ‘deep’ and ‘shallow’ work too. Do we need to this meeting now, or is it better to work on strategic projects? Read the Habit magazine to find out how Sarah Cherif (owner Cutesolutions), Simon Floré (former CTO at Teamleader, Tim Christaens and many others manage find time to focus on what is important and do the things they love.

What you will discover in this Time management magazine?

  • Habits for deep working and habits on how to focus in a noisy world.
  • Anti- & pro-procrastination habits.
  • An interview with time-management expert Tim Christiaens.
  • 3 Time saving questions.
  • Email habits that work and inbox 0



Please let us know in the comment section below what you thought of our Time Management edition!

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