The art of storytelling in one minute

The Art of Storytelling

The art of storytelling lies in picking a journey, a mile, and making  it an interesting one. But how do you do this? In Hollywood, they create all their stories according to a very simple structure that consists of three things. What do you think they might be? What is the basic structure of every good story?

Well, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Here’s how this works in Hollywood.

The Beginning

  • The ordinary world: First, they draw the context, zoom in on the details that make the scene livelier, and introduce the characters of the story so that the who, what, and where become clear.
  • Call to adventure: Next, they introduce an unexpected, specific event. What changes for the protagonist? What is the situation he or she is facing?

The Middle

  • The struggle: What is the protagonist’s struggle?
  • The decision to be made: What are the various possibilities and the potential consequences of the protagonist’s decision? What are his or her possibilities, challenges and problems? What are the possible roads ahead?

The end

  • The resolution: What happened, and what are the lessons learned in this story.

Now that we have talked about the components of a good story, let’s put it into practice. Below I am going to share with you one of my favorite one minute movies ever: the tale of a survivalist. There’s nothing better than a little crisis to bring out someone’s true colors, intentions and loyalty.

How Robert J. Lee was able to follow the basic 5 step Hollywood structure of a good story in one minute, I still can’t understand. But he did it. Try to identify each component of a good story in this smart scripted and humorous one minute flick.

Here’s the shortest and funniest comedy film you’ll probably see all year.

H.B. from Gaspar Palacio on Vimeo.


Where you able to identify all the components? Let us know in the comment section below why you liked this movie (I am assuming of course that you did). Does the story stick? What feelings did it provoke? Share your thoughts below!

Good luck with this new habits!

Haroun Cherif – Online Manager CUTESolutions

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