Boost happiness at work with the progress principle

The Progress Principle

Another way to boost your ‘arbeidsglaede‘ (happiness at work), is to achieve results at work. This matches with the research of Theresa Amabile,¬†author of The Progress Principle. According to her the single most important factor for engagement in the workplace, is the progress principle.¬†People have great days at work when they are making progress in meaningful work. It can lift their inner work life! Achieving results, does make us happy.

“It’s forward momentum in meaningful work-progress-that creates the best inner work lives.”

The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work

What are tiny habits that could help you with this?

Become aware of your ‘tailwinds‘.¬†Sometimes we feel like something is blocking our progress (=the headwind that is bugging us) and we don’t notice the ‘tailwind’ that helped us in making progress. Reflect at the end of your working day on those ‘tailwinds’: what were the things that helped you make progress today? And become aware of your ‘hidden’ progress at work!

Chunk your work

Divide your tasks into little chunks. As a result you will experience ‘small wins’ throughout the day when you accomplish them.

The List

Start your day with making a to do list with tasks you want to accomplish today, then cross them off when finished. This will make your progress visible to you!

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