The annual performance review is extinct

Annual performance review

It’s that time of year again, to reflect on the past and to make some readjustments for the future. Time to reflect and make some changes. In a professional context, we all know it by the name of the performance review.  I try to do this twice a year and I don’t know about you, but for me, I can’t escape it. I’m that kind of person that really does make the balance. I think about what I appreciated, what I don’t want anymore and how I want things to be different when I get back from my well deserved summer holidays.

My summer resolution is to optimize my lifestyle design. Meaning, I want to spend more time doing things that energize me and make me laugh. When I looked at my agenda of the past year, I think about 30% really excited me, but the largest chunk was work to be done. Often non-inspiring meetings and operational stuff that did not feel like I was working towards a bigger, exciting and world changing plan.

This period of reflection, I am going to use to think about how I am going to up my game to 70% of inspiring and exciting stuff in my agenda and only 30% of ‘work’. If I think I will succeed? Yes, I do. I know I will. That’s the power of habit design. It’s that simple! First you set  an ambition and then shape habits that will help you get there.

The Habit Magazine – annual performance review

This edition is all about the philosophy of the performance review, the trends and the habits, of course. We hope it inspires you to ask yourself that one big question that is at the core of it all. WHY? Why are we in business? Why do I get up and go to work in the morning and why am I doing this?


Best summer wishes to all of you and may you set inspiring ambitions and achieve them!

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