To NWoW or not to NWoW?

NWOW facts and figures

Time for some NWOW facts and figures. You have to admit, it does sound kind of cool: a new way of working, where you have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want. But what are the pro’s and con’s of this new way of working? We looked into some research and asked around!

I’m all for these NWOW facts

  • 69% higher productivity
  • 66% more fun at work
  • 88% more freedom

Nope don’t like these NWOW facts …

  • 33% of NWoW professionals feel less connected to their colleagues.
  • Only 1/3 of the managers actually adjust their management style.
  • 50% of employees say that the main reason for moving towards NWoW is cost cutting.

NWOW risks

Are you experiencing these risks?

Unbalanced work-life balance

One of the risks of NWoW is that people have the tendency of working too hard. In an NWoW environment there just isn’t a perfect separation in ‘work’ and ‘life’. Often this is a good thing, but some people have the tendency to keep working in the evening, weekends, … Definitely a risk to keep in mind!

More business, less connected

Almost 33% of people working in an NWoW environment have the feeling that their work relations became more “business-like”, and 50% of NWoW’ers say that this new way of working didn’t stimulate an open and transparent culture.


We wanted to know if the ‘Shambho open office -workers’ were experiencing these risks. So we just asked them and these are the results!

How would you rate your work-life balance?


“It’s Ok. But not perfect. With 2 small kids and wife who studies and has her own startup at the same time, it is difficult to put the time in that I really want to. After all, I love my family, but I love my job as well.”

How would you rate your quality of social interactions during the work-day?


“Pretty good! Due to different people with different interests it’s interesting to talk about daily things.”

Are you experiencing these NWOW pro’s?

A happy flow!

Research shows that when you are feeling ’empowered’ in your job, you will experience more flow at work. This positive feeling of flow (=the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity) will trigger happiness at work. At microsoft, employee happiness went up from 5,5/10 to 8,3/10!

So in theory, working in an NWoW environment boosts happiness and flow. Just note one striking fact about this: when empowerment at work is imposed top-down, this can have the opposite effect, and cause stress and anxiety! It’s only when people actually experience more autonomy and a change in management style, that they report being more happy and ‘in flow’ at their job.

We wanted to know if the ‘Shambho open office -workers’ were experiencing more happiness than in a traditional working environment. Let’s check out the results!

Do you experience flow when you are working in the open office?


“Yes, most of the time. I can work a lot better here than at home, where I am distracted all the time. An empty table, no clutter around me. Nice.”

Are you feeling more happy at work, than in a more traditional working environment?


State of optimal experience = Flow

Good luck with those new habits!

Anneleen (Content manager CUTESolutions)

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