NWOW congress in Veenendaal

NWOW Congress

Do you want to know more about NWOW? Only one PLACE TO BE! The ‘Over Het Nieuwe Werken’ NWOW congress in Veenendaal. Sarah and Bram of Cutesolutions are regular speakers on the congress; last year they talked about NWOW habits, this year the theme is ‘responsibility, trust and change’.

NWOW interview with Gerard Dessing

We talked to Gerard Dessing, one of the organizers of the NWOW congress, and asked him some curious questions…

The NWOW congress is a yearly event. Do you feel that there is a difference in mindset regarding NWOW now vs a couple of years ago?

When we just started with the congress, most people came to find out what NWOW actually was and how it works. I would say most know by now. Today people are drawn to it because they want to hear about experiences from other companies that already started with NWOW and what the pitfalls are.

What is the Nº 1 NWOW question that people who go to the ‘OHNW’ congress ask the most? And what is the answer to that question?

Most people who visit the ‘OHNW’ congress are looking for an answer to the following question: ‘How do I mobilize people to start working differently?‘ You can arrange practically everything from infrastructure, furniture and all other means but is up to the people themselves (not only the employees but also the managers) to get up and do it. Changing habits, breaking patterns, giving more trust, giving people the freedom to decide where they will work etc… it’s a real people’s job.

Do you have the feeling that NWOW is already a reality. Or will it always be a work in progress?

There is no such thing as 1 ‘NWOW’, it is tailor work for every organization. In more and more companies, the ‘NWOW‘ is already a reality but there is a fair amount where they still have to get started or even start giving shape to it. Which is normal, because a cultural change can’t be realized just like that. It is often a work in progress.

You have followed dozens of workshops on NWOW yourself. What is your top 3 of most interesting points of views (regarding NWOW) you heard during the various workshops?

  1. Pay attention to the fact that it involves many changes. That is a big part of the challenge.
  2. When the real reason for going ahead with the NWOW finds its cause in budget cuts (less square meters) just be upfront about it and don’t sugarcoat it.
  3. Make sure the higher echelon participates (role models), otherwise you are set up for failure.

NWOW congress 2017

The next OHNW-congress will be on December the 8th at Veenedaal. Check out the program here.

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