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Conversations on New Ways of working – NWOW always really excite us at CUTESolutions and this for so many reasons. I am personally not fit for the ‘old way of working’ and probably would not survive a month of traditional corporate life.

We’ve been involved in quite some NWoW projects with CUTESolutions the last few years. We like to test all kinds of NWOW approaches at CUTE – like ROWE – and have found it damn hard to practice what we preach. New ways of working require new habits.

We are currently looking to buy a new office where we can live out our co-work dream with other like-minded professionals. But I guess the main reason is that New Ways of Working is all about the future. And I love dreams for a more happy, agile and productive futures for all of us. But what that means and what it looks like is so different to many different people and organizations.

Therefore I guess that the best approach to crafting our future work space, is learning from others, seeking inspiration and test, test, test.

NWOW Habit Magazine

In this NWOW edition, we dive deeper into ‘the new way of working’! This magazine’s issue is all about sharing what we’ve learned and we hope to inspire you in some way. We’ve talked to some really smart and inspiring experts about NWOW and will share some of our favourite resources and corporate coaching NWOW tips.

What can you expect?

Intrigued for more?

We look forward to hearing back from you and learning from your experiences. Let’s all keep challenging the status quo in search of a better life for all of. Use the comment section below to share away your NWOW tips and advice.

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