New way of Learning in the NWOW workplace

The new way of learning

The new way of working. It’s Hip. It’s Here. But is it here to stay? Is the NWOW in the workplace a scam? Does a new way of working need a new way of learning?

Anneleen (=content manager at CUTESolutions) went to the ‘Learning Tech Day‘ with these intriguing questions in the back of her mind…

You can’t escape it, therefor embrace it!

What did you find out?

Overall I definitely feel that ‘learning is a concept that is hard to grasp. On the one hand, we really don’t have a choice on how we are learning, because in the end it’s a combination of complex and age-old process in our brain, driven by evolutionary biology. On the other hand, I think that the way we will learn in the future, will change dramatically on 4 levels:

Personalized training

The first big trend is that organizations are actually learning more about ‘the learner’. Companies are building data on how we learn, and are personalizing learning tracks. Right now companies do this on a very basic level, but in the future learning will become less ‘linear’ in design. People will have complete individualized training tracks, that are totally adjusted to their needs in their business as usual. Every individual will learn at their own pace, have more autonomy on what and how they’re learning.  Therefore only experiment with exercises they truly need at this moment in time.

From training to facilitating

Classical trainings won’t exist anymore. These trainings will be ‘morphed into’ facilitating moments and get-togethers. People will gather to share their experiences, tips and best practices. State of the art technology like ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘virtual reality’ will support these trainings.

Emersive new way of learning

Learning will be more ‘in the moment’. Training will almost be ‘hidden’ in your day to day environment. For example: a new colleague doesn’t know a certain program your are working with. Instead of following an intense training program on this (from which she will forget more than 50%, and really, she doesn’t need to know all the options of this tool…), she just has artificial intelligence on her computer that shows her what to do when she is getting stuck.

Creating communities

We are evolving towards a ‘social age’ and the learning will transform as well from ‘formal’ to ‘social learning’. Communities will pop up with a shared purpose and shared values. In those communities there won’t be strict rules or control.

(Note that if you do have command and control, it isn’t a real community.) In real communities people ask questions and collect stories. It is a truly free form of learning with no supervision or form of control at all.

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