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Mommy management habits

Life can feel pretty hectic. Especially when you don’t have to manage just your calendar, but also have kids-schedules to take into account! How to manage your time between life and work? What are tiny mommy management habits habits that really could make a difference for working parents out there? We asked the mommies at the CUTE office.

Mommy management habits on the night before…

1. Set the breakfast table the night before: plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.

2. Decide which clothes you are going to wear the next day, and do the same for your children (or let them choose their favorite shirt or jeans before bed time).

3. Prepare their bag pack for the next school day: bottle of water, fruit and a biscuit – if you do this in the morning rush you have a big chance to forget something (I speak from experience).

Time management habits to make it easier…

4. Our daughter has her own mailbox and online calendar, this way we (mum & dad) both have access to all the communication she receives from her athletics club, school, etc. The online calendar is great to schedule all the school holidays and match it with our own personal & business calendars. This way we can double check if we have a back-up (like a babysit) when we’re not available to stay at home with her.

5. Don’t spend your evenings creating healthy meals for your children, let them eat at school, soup is included most of the time and this way they can enjoy a hot meal with their friends. After school time they are tired and only want to eat bread with a cup of hot milk and enjoy their favorite cartoon.

6. Check out the services of your nearby supermarket and schedule to pick-up your groceries (once a week, at a fixed day) instead of running every day to the shop for last-minute grocery shopping. If you have the space, buy in big volumes, like toilet paper, tissues, shampoo, etc. Limit your supermarket visits to twice a week, try to avoid the busy Saturdays in the shops.

7. Create a food calendar and decide what you are going to eat the next 7 days, and add the ingredients to your shopping cart or grocery list.

I’ll share some hard-earned mommy insights that might be useful to you. Wouldn’t be fair to keep my supermom-secrets all to myself 😉

Reparation is key!

1. Always keep a pair of high heels and sneakers in your car. You never know what’s around the corner and versatility is our middle name!

2. Evening preparation is key. Even picking out what to wear tomorrow (aside from your supermom-cape) will save you time.

3. Install a rewarding system for putting on their own clothes. I lay them out on the floor, so when my son wakes up all he needs to do is put his clothes on in the right order. That way, I get the time I need to put my make-up on and look like I have my shit together.

Blur the lines: work at home – home at work

1. Blur the lines, despite what experts say. Do work at home and home at work. For me there is a lot of overlapping and that helps me to stay reasonably calm and together. Pay your bills at the office during your lunch hour, and check your work e-mail at home while you’re waiting for the kids to show up at the dinner table. Whatever gets things done.

2. Do your grocery shopping during your work break when possible and save yourself the hustle of shopping after school with tired kids. We all know the drama scenario’s that might take place. Don’t. Just don’t.


Enjoy the little things

1. Take them with you. Find a way to turn your me-time into quality time. My son loves going to the gym with me. Make them feel comfortable, get them something they like to eat or play with. Of course, this all depends on how many kids you have and whether their character allows them to stay calm for over an hour and not tear the place down.

2. Don’t forget to smile and enjoy even the small rush-moments, because life is easier if you learn to embrace the chaos now and then. The less you force things, the more they seem to go your way. Same with children.

At the risk of coming across as emotional unstable, I do want to say that I totally agree with this quote I found. Because there is so much truth in it. Working moms these days are kind of superhero’s, but most of all moms.

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