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10 Ideas to start a ripple effect of happiness at work

Involve your colleagues in your craving.

How to manage happy relationships at work?

Research shows that positive and productive energy is contagious! Use this ripple effect to influence the most negative people at work! Time to investigate this fuzzy matter of how to manage happy relationships further.

Use ‘the ripple effect’ in a positive way to manage happiness relationships

Say ‘hello’ every morning

Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But often, it just doesn’t happen. Recognize your colleagues and say a quick ‘hi’, even if you are already busy with tons of work.

Ask deep questions

Often you are just talking with your colleagues, but aren’t ‘sharing’ any meaningful info. Every day, ask a question that goes deeper than ‘What’s that strange smell in our office?‘ Need inspiration? Check out this list of 36 questions from social psychology researcher Arthur Aron!

Be your freaky self!

Don’t try to be similar to your colleagues, but cultivate your authenticity! Just be yourself and talk about the quirky things you love.

This reminded me of you…

Send funny pictures/quotes to your colleagues when you stumble upon something funny that made you think of them. At the Cute office we often laugh about the appetite of our office manager Liesbeth. One quote that fits her is definitely I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry.

Follow up about something your colleague mentioned before

It’s always nice to talk about things that make people enthusiastic. Is your colleague looking forward to an after-work-activity? Ask about it the next day!

What keeps you awake at night?

When somebody is drinking tons of coffee or just complains about a bad night of sleep, ask the following question. What kept you awake last night? When a colleague is worried about something, you could maybe help him with his problem. A shared burden often feels lighter.

Mindful conversations

Don’t multi-task when a colleague is trying to talk to you. Be present in the conversation, and give him your full attention.

Eat some ice-cream

Involve your colleagues in your craving. Craving something sweet? Get some ice-cream together! Craving fresh air? Go on a walk together! Craving for a break? Have a coffee together!

Search for a mutual enemy

This doesn’t have to be a person! It can be a jamming printer as well that bothers you both. According to research ‘bitching is bonding’. The reason these kind of conversations feel good, is because we feel understood, reassured and supported in a mutual complaint.

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