Less Stress? Sorry to disappoint you.

Less stress, more energy?

How many times have I heard that people want to experience less stress and have more energy? I stopped counting about 10 years ago.

In this weeks blog we are going to show you ways to increase your energy levels and decrease stress levels.

Cutesolutions stress management habits

Maybe you are hoping for the holy grail for less stress and more energy. Some secret herb, a smart brain hack, a wonder technique. But we believe that the next big thing, will be a lot of small things.

List of things you should be doing

  1. Meditate 20 minutes a day
  2. Work with a To Do List
  3. Make time for strategic reflection and planning
  4. Do yoga
  5. Say no more often
  6. Ban negative people from your life
  7. Don’t focus on the bad stuff
  8. Get enough sleep
  9. Go to the gym or exercise 3x a week
  10. Plan more

Can we pick your brain?

How many of these things do you do weekly? Let us know in the comment section below! What are your more energy and less stress secrets?

But there’s a reason you are not doing these things.

They’re just way too big! Habits follow the path of least resistance: if it’s more easy for you to do it than not to do it (like drink coffee), it will become a habit. But if it requires too much willpower, you’re chances of succeeding in changing your habits are 12%.

The only solution? Follow the advice of Stanford professor BJ Fogg: make it so small you have no reason not to do it.

Visit the Less stress, more energy edition of the Habit Magazine for more.

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