Less Stress Magazine

Less stress Magazine

This Less Stress magazine is all about one of our favourite topics: stress management. For some reason, me and my colleagues all seem fascinated by less stress habits, maybe because there’s so much talk about it. Or that we’ve all had to learn to deal with it ourselves. In any case, the last year we have seriously shifted our own mindset towards tress.

Less stress, more energy habits

While we used to think it was something we had to avoid and minimise, we now view it as something that can help us to grow, experience more meaning in our lives and something that needs to be balanced out. Yin and yang. It’s not about trying to avoid or ban stress from our lives, but it’s about changing the way we view stress and creating circumstances for ourselves that provide a counter-balance.

The Habit Magazine – Less stress habits

Maybe you are hoping for the holy grail for less stress and more energy, some secret herb, a smart brain hack or a wonder technique. But we believe the next big thing, will be a lot of small things.

The Habit Magazine

In this edition, our goal is to change your mindshift towards stress. Evelien talks about her favorite energy apps and Isabelle shares some burn-out blocking habits. We will explain you why stress is not the enemy and a true habit hero gives advice when it comes down to less stress and more energy… And lots lots lots more stress management advice from successful entrepreneurs and managers of top-performing teams!

So relax, go sit in your comfy chair, brew yourself a drink and be inspired. Do you future self favour and subscribe here.

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