Importance of leadership and management

The importance of leadership

In this weeks blog we are going to dip a bit deeper into the importance of leadership. ¬†Leadership is an important component of management which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve company goals. But the importance of leadership is also put into the spotlights when it comes to retaining employees. Did you know that 49% of employees would take a pay cut to work for another manager? Seems like many managers out there aren’t really doing a great job leading their teams!

How to diminish this astonishing number and not be(come) the boss they hate? Well, with a touch of radical candor, you will come a long way!

Kim Scott on How to be a kick-ass manager without losing your humanity.

How to be a topnotch manager with a touch of radical candor

We asked the managers at Belgocontrol what they do on a daily basis to make their team happier. These are their TOP 3 answers.

Be Positive minded

I give frequent specific recognition to my team members!


To strengthen our bond and keep up a positive spirit we have our daily small-talk sessions during our afternoon coffee break.

How are you doing?

Every day you enter the CS room, remind your my team it’s almost Friday and ask how they are doing and if everyone is feeling well. ūüôā

3 advanced and awesome tips for creating a happy workplace from Henry Stewart.

CUTESolutions habits we recommended the Belgocontrol team

Radical Candor

Show a genuine interest in the career of your team members and be honest with them at all times. What is working right now and what is not? What will have to change? Don’t be scared to have a difficult message when needed, because people will be happier in the long run if the message is genuine and given with a ‘caring’ attitude.


Value your team members for their qualities and give them the freedom to set their own goals and evaluate their own work. Manage on output, not on input. Check out our habit magazine on ‘time management‘ for more.

Top 10 Leadership Competencies

What are the most important leadership competencies according to leaders around the world?  Check out what 195 global leaders had to say when they were asked to rate 74 qualities of a leader.

  1. 67% Has high ethical and moral standards.
  2. 59% Provides goals and objectives with loose guidelines/direction.
  3. 52% Clearly communicates expectations.
  4. 52% Has the flexibility to change opinions.
  5. 42% Commits to ongoing training.
  6. 42% Communicates often and openly.
  7. 39% Is open to new ideas and approaches.
  8. 38% Creates a feeling of succeeding and failing together.
  9. 38% Helps me grow into a next-generation leader.
  10. 37% Provides safety for trial and error.

How do you rate on these core leadership competencies? Let us know in the comment section below!

Happy greetings from the Cutesolutions Habits Crew!



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