What is the word for happiness at work in your language?

Happy workplace

What do you need to do and implement to create a happy workplace? Is their a magic formula? Or even better, does the word for “happiness at work” even exist in your language?!


Do you have a word for happiness at work in your language? It looks like we don’t in Dutch. Luckily the Scandinavian people do: it’s arbeidsglaede. ‘Arbeid‘ stands for ‘work’ and ‘glaede‘ for ‘happiness’. When you experience ‘Arbeidsglaede‘ you feel good at work.

According to them you will find ‘arbeidsglaede‘, if you focus on 2 things:

1) Results: when you do a good job and you are making a difference in meaningful work. (How to do this? Put the ‘progress principle‘ into action!)

2) Relationships: you like the people you work with. But how can you bond with your colleagues? Below some practical tips & tricks!

Start building happy relationships at work!


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So remember…

You can’t make your boss, co-workers, … responsible for your own happiness! The first step is knowing yourself better. What do you like/dislike, and apply these insights in your life.

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  1. Lucky for the Scandinavians!

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