The Importance of Random Acts of Kindness

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In order to be happy at work, it is equally important to be able to give support, as it is to get support from your colleagues! When we help others, we feel happier and more connected. Research in happiness management shows that depressed people are more wrapped up in their own emotions and disconnected from others. So increase your own happiness not by focusing on yourself, but by shifting your attention to elevating the happiness of others! How to do this without going over the top and becoming the ‘Ned Flanders‘ at work? Find some inspiration in these ‘random acts of kindness‘.

Random acts of kindness

  • Give a positive comment on how well somebody parked their car.
  • Bring the papers from the printer to your colleague.
  • Hold the elevator.
  • Share your food with your colleagues.
  • Bring cake to the office.
  • Make a smoothie for your colleagues.
  • Help somebody who is swamped with work.
  • Send a funny quote.
  • Laugh with someone’s jokes.
  • Write positive sticky notes and put in on their screens.
  • Bring a souvenir after a holiday.
  • Fix something (an IT issue, a jammed printer, …)
  • Teach a colleague something.
  • Text ‘good luck’ before an important meeting.
  • Bring them clothes you don’t wear anymore, but are too nice to throw away.
  • Put on their favorite song.
  • Give somebody a genuine compliment.
  • When everyone around you is gossiping about someone, then be the one to say something nice.
  • Give a compliment about someone to their boss.
  • Give someone a book you think they’d like.
  • Keep an extra umbrella at work and let someone borrow it on their way home if it’s raining.
  • Get the security guard/ the receptionist/… a coffee.
  • Sit for lunch next to somebody who is eating by himself.
  • Tell you boss how much you’ve learned from him over the years.
  • Decorate the desk of the birthday person.
  • Be super enthusiastic when people have good news.

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