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Happiness Magazine

This Happiness Magazine edition is all about happiness habits you can implement to create a ripple effect of happiness at work. But first of all, what is happiness? It is tricky to put a definition on happiness. I discovered that I have primarily Buddhist-like belief that feeling content is about the understanding and avoidance of suffering.

How would you feel if you could make all the stress and anxieties go away? If you could avoid traffic and the non-stop pinging of my smartphone notifications, would you be happier? Can you meditate your way out of being affected by the stressors and still be happy?

Turns out the above-mentioned 2 approaches haven’t changed me into an always-smiling Buddha just yet. So let’s investigate this fuzzy matter of happiness in our usual pragmatic and habit-focused way.

The Habit Magazine – Habit Company

For this edition of the Habit magazine we investigated happiness all over the place. According to various studies it is not just good for you, but is also important for business. A cheerful worker is as much as 12% more productive! People who are unhappy at work, under-perform and are 10% less productive. And that is why Chief happiness officers are popping up in the HR world.
The pursuit for happiness at work can be exhausting. It can make us overreact and it drains our personal life of meaning. It also increases our vulnerability, makes us more gullible, selfish and lonely. Most striking is that consciously pursuing being happy can actually drain the sense of joy we usually get from the really good things we experience.
In this happiness magazine we make a call to stop pretending! It is normal that you experience a range of emotions at work, so don’t force yourself in feeling happy at all times. Feeling content at work, is often found in the little things. So that’s what this magazine is all about. How to enhance your happiness, not by forcing yourself into stuff, but by applying tiny new habits that can make a difference for you in the long run.
Increase your arbeidsgleide!

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