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Habit Magazine – Happiness coaching

I am so happy to share with you our sixth edition of the habit magazine on ‘happiness at work’, with happiness coaching and training advice.

Happiness at work

In reflecting on my own deeply held thoughts about happiness, I discovered that I have a primarily Buddhist-like belief that happiness is about the understanding and avoidance of suffering. It comes down to this naive and under-developed idea that if I could make all the stresses, the anxieties, traffic, micro-managing clients and non-stop pinging of smartphone notifications go away, I would be happy. Or that worst case I can meditate my way (as I do, 20 minutes a day) out of being affected by these stressors and still be happy.

Turns out the above-mentioned 2 approaches haven’t changed me into an always-smiling buddha just yet. 😉

So it’s about time we investigate this fuzzy matter of happiness coaching in our usual pragmatic and habit-focused way!

What you will discover in this magazine:

  • Habits for bonding with your colleagues.
  • Habits on ’embracing the suck’.
  • How to be the boss that makes them happy?
  • A deep dive into finding your purpose at work.
  • How to boost your happiness hormones?
  • Tips from happiness experts from all over the world (Gretchen Rubin, Adam Grant, Daniel Gilbert, Neil Pasricha, …).

Hope we’ll be able to inspire you to pick up a new happiness habit too!

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