Stop the whining and continue. Get Some Grit.

What is GRIT?

Grit by Angela Lee Ducksworth

Are you living for the weekend, because you can’t make your dreams come true at work? Maybe all you need for some success is GRIT: a unique combination of passion and long-term perseverance.

Angela Lee Duckworth (Author of GRIT).

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“GRIT is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals! GRIT is sticking to your future, day in day out.”

But how to create GRIT?

Follow these habits to train yourself in a ‘gritter’ mindset!

Know and repeat your why

When the going gets tough, remind yourself of why you are doing something. Do you still want to reach that goal? Yes? Great! Repeat this to yourself when you are feeling down. ‘I am doing this, because I want…’. Stop the whining and continue!

Fail forward

When something fails, don’t take yourself down by telling yourself that you are a big loser. Get some perspective and take a look at the mistake from a more objective point of view. What went wrong? How to fix it? If this is hard for you, ask yourself the questions: what would my advice be to somebody else if they came to me with this problem?

Be proud of your growth

Gritty people show a ‘growth mindset’. They truly believe that they can improve their talents and abilities. But why do they believe this? It’s because they see the progress! Review your ‘growth’ every six months. Think about the domain which you  made some progress. (For example: 6 months ago, I was working on project x. Looking back, this has taught me to…) Create a ‘jar of awesome’ to keep up with your small wins.

Go for micro-improvements

Gritty people search for mastery. They set specific goals to reach micro-improvements on a daily basis! Think about what it is what you could do differently today to practice a certain skill. (For example: I will practice my assertiveness by leading this meeting.)

So, Habit Lovers, get some GRIT! How’s that for some Monday motivation?

And whilst we are at … Fill in the blank (in the comment section below)! ‘I am doing this, because I want…’

For example: ‘I am doing this, because I want to help people develop new habits to help them reach their full potential.’

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