Why Feedforward Beats Feedback

Feedforward beats feedback - EVERY TIME

Feedforward Coaching Aha moment

It is our job, as the cutting edge habit company, to give you a AHA moment about something that really changes your mindset. And here is one about feedback. People tend to say what they don’t want or don’t like about what happened, but they forget to say what their expectations are for the future. That is why (even useful) feedback isn’t always appreciated – or even worse, gets rejected! So here’s something we would really like to say: feedforward beats feedback – EVERY TIME.

Management Habit Tip

Why Feedforward Beats Feedback

Feedback Q&A with Bram

CUTESolutions did a Q&A with Bram, trainer at CUTESolutions, professional optimist and expert in positive psychology, about feedback habits. You can see the result in the video below.

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