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How to shift your focus from being busy to being productive?

It's time to cultivate some deep work habits!

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How to shift your focus from being busy to being productive? It’s time to cultivate some deep work habits!

What’s is deep work?

You are doing deep work when you are focused, without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.

The result of deep work?

You are able to learn hard things when doing deep work, deliver high level quality work and work at a higher level of productivity!

The difference between deep work and shallow work?

Often, we focus our attention on “shallow work”: tasks that do not require distraction-free focus, are logistical and don’t create massive amounts of value for your company! For example: responding to e-mails, going to meetings, …

Did you know that you are suffering from attention residue?

When you switch your attention from “deep work”, to some shallow work (for example: just glancing at your mailbox), and then back to deep work, it reduces your mental capacity. It takes on average 15-25 minutes before, you can experience back the same deep focus, because there is a residue left from that distraction.

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Check out: “Deep Work” – Book of Cal Newport

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