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The Habit Company


Our mission?

Help millions of people create winning habits to help them reach their full potential.

But how do you build a new habit?

To us, it’s so OBVIOUS that most behavioral change programs fail, because they’re not built on an in-depth understanding of HOW habit change really works. You can’t just deliver a program and HOPE people will develop new habits afterwards. No, you have to design a program around HOW people, teams and organizations actually develop new habits.

We’ve cracked the habit building code!

And that’s because we know our own habit formation patterns now, how to avoid habit-learning pitfalls and how to create an environment that facilitates habit change instead of working against it. And as experts in habit learning, we’ve helped dozens of small, medium and large organizations develop new strategic key habits around topics such as NWOW, agility, performance, leadership, coaching, feedback and strategy, the list goes on. And all of these programs have had one thing in common – that’s really important to us- we work with real functional teams in their business as usual. After all, that’s where real change is going to happen, not in a class room. I don’t care how great your training program is, real change happens in real life.

So who are we? A cool bunch of habit experts who love helping professionals reach the next level!

Do you have something to share? Please tell us!!