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For each Habit Magazine we reach out to one or two of our Cutesolutions gurus to find out what other experts in the field have to say about a certain management topic. The sixth edition of the Habit Magazine is dedicated to the topic Happiness at work. So, obviously, we wanted to try to get a personal Charles Duhigg quote!

We were interested to find out what Charles Dughigg, the Pulitzer-price winning reporter for the New York Times had to say! So we asked!  And you know what? The author of Smarter, Faster and Better (about the science of productivity) and The Power of Habit (about the science of habit formation in our lives, companies and societies) responded to our request. Needless to say their was a cry of happiness at the office when Charles Duhigg’s response popped up in my inbox!

If you could give one tip on how to increase happiness at work. What would it be?

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your story with me. I’m glad to hear how deeply my work has resonated with Sarah, and that she’s been spreading the word – that’s HUGE. Wonderful to know that a reader has been inspired and motivated to investigate habits even further.

In terms of happiness in the workplace, I think it’s perhaps most important to set realistic expectations for yourself. Overloading one’s plate is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Carefully examine what you have to do, and remember to take breaks. Give your brain a rest every once in a while.

Hope this helps, Charles.

Cute habits for setting realistic expectations

  1. Lower the bar by asking yourself ‘What would this look life if this was easy’? Quote Tim Ferris
  2. Have an ‘ambitious plan A’ and a ‘conservative’ plan B. Go for the ambitious plan, but make sure you have a more conservative plan in the back of your mind that will save you a lot of time if need be.
  3. Next go for 80% perfection instead of 100%. Believe us, nobody will notice.
  4. Focus mainly on ‘moments of truth’. What are key moments in a project and how can you focus your energy to make these stand out?

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