How to keep breathing with a busy agenda!

Busy agenda management habits

High demanding jobs, normally come with a busy agenda. For this week’s blog we went and talked to Casto Cañavate to see how he manages his agenda. We asked about his busy agenda management habits and tips.

Casto Cañavate is without any doubt a true less stress and more energy hero. As someone with a high demanding job, lots of responsibilities, and a big to-do list every day, Casto Cañavate manages with some proper discipline and habits to do it all – and most important, not get totally stressed out.

How to keep breathing with a busy agenda?

In today’s Habit Blog, he shares with you 3 habit tips on how to keep breathing with a busy agenda!

Casto: It is a pleasure for me to be part of the Habit Magazine, “Less Stress, More Energy”… What first comes to my mind is: do sport, enjoy what you do (professional and personal-wise) and be positive! Having said this, I will be more practical:

Own system.

After attending training, webinars and reading many books… Make your own conclusion and set up your own system. Personally, I set-up my own based on the best from Getting Things Done (by D. Allen) and Eat That Frog (by B. Tracy).

Be Realistic.

People tend to put more on their plates than they can eat. Don’t fool yourself. No matter if you are a 4, 8 or even more hour work person a day. In my case, I plan what I will do daily/weekly/monthly and I will focus on it. In addition, I estimate 20% buffer for those unexpected last minute issues.

Challenge yourself.

At work, it is very common to repeat tasks/projects, but I find that boring! Consequently, when I have to repeat something, I first think how to improve it. Hence, this will be fun, you will love it and, subsequently, you will deliver better performance.

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