5 Tips to make you feel happier at work.

Who is responsible for making you feel happier at work?

What can you do to feel happier at work? Who is responsible for your happiness? Is it your boss? Your colleagues? Your company? … Oh, wait, it’s you! Once you know what makes you (un)happy , it is essential that you speak up! It is your job as an employee to talk to your manager about things that make you unhappy, especially when they are fixable.

Speak up, of forever hold your peace.

Put a fixed item on the agenda of your team meetings: what would make you happy? Don’t make this a ‘fluffy’ item. Rather make it one where people can make requests for improvements on current working methods.

Do you remember this time when we….

Talk about the past with your boss! What was it in previous projects you loved doing/you hated doing? This will help your manager to get a bigger picture of what makes you happy/unhappy.

The most important thing to me…

Be explicit about what it is what you value most at work! The most important thing to me is working with lovely co-workers/working in a creative environment, … What is the most important thing to you? Share it with your boss/colleagues.

Within this and 1 year…

Share your dreams at work. What are you passionate about? Within this and a year, I want to have more time to work on project x or focus on x instead of y, … By doing this, your managers/colleagues will gain insight in what would make you (un)happy.

What’s on my mind?

Share what keeps you awake at night. I am worried that our company is moving towards… I can’t work when… Maybe we should re-evaluate process x.¬†Finally it is your duty to show some radical candor, in order to become happier at work.

Keep those happiness levels high!

Love to you all from the Habit Team!

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