47 Ways of making yourself happier at work

Happiness at work

One way of making yourself happier at work, is to treat yourself when running low on energy and happiness hormones. Research shows that when you get yourself a little treat, you gain self-control in the long run! It’s one of the ‘secrets of adulthoodGretchen Rubin mentions: “If I give more to myself, I can ask more from myself.”

Treat yo self

But what are small, “healthy” treats that work? We asked the sales managers at Bpost to share their ‘treat-list’ with us!

Bpost Happy List

  1. Take a look at a funny video.
  2. Looking at family pictures.
  3. Compliment somebody.
  4. Help somebody.
  5. Checking out the growth figures of this month.
  6. Having a FIKA (coffee break) with my colleague.
  7. Putting on some hand creme.
  8. Fur therapy: petting my pet.
  9. Smelling something good.
  10. Getting sushi for lunch.
  11. Going out for lunch.
  12. A scroll through Facebook
  13. Going for a walk through my garden.
  14. A small piece of really good chocolate.
  15. Bike ride to work.
  16. A cup of tea in my favourite mug.
  17. Listening to my favourite music at work.
  18. Wearing my happy socks at work.
  19. Bring fresh flowers to the office.
  20. Doing ‘boring’ tasks while listening to a TED talk.
  21. Going on airbnb and making wish lists of places I’d like to stay.
  22. Buying something online.
  23. Searching for funny quotes on Pinterest
  24. Painting my nails during a break.
  25. Make water with lime and mint.
  26. Sending fun things to my colleagues.
  27. Checking my bank statements.
  28. Doing an online survey.
  29. Getting at work an hour before anyone else and leaving an hour earlier.
  30. Making my grocery list.
  31. Literrally crossing things of my to do list.
  32. Deleting e-mails.
  33. Flossing my teeth in the bathroom.
  34. Staring out of the window and watching the details of the view.
  35. Having some yoghurt with fresh fruit.
  36. A phone call to a friend.
  37. A coffee with drops of chocolate milk in it.
  38. Putting on some perfume.
  39. Eating a piece of fruit.
  40. Doing some stretch-exercises.
  41. Googling ‘cute animal pictures’.
  42. Listening to David Attenborough’s voice.
  43. Reading the news.
  44. Cleaning my desk.
  45. Throwing away old meeting notes.
  46. Going for a run during my lunch break.
  47. Skyping a colleague.
Cute tip

Didn’t found what your were looking for? Take a look at the video below and search for treats that are situated in your ‘happiness quadrant’!

What do you do when your energy levels are low to boost your happiness? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Chill! Do what feels awesome at any given time. When you start doing things you love to do you immediately connect with who you are at your core, an extension of Source, Universe, God, Spirit whichever word you like using it all means the same. When you are able to connect within, it won’t take long before your energy starts to elevate to the velvet of pure Joy and happiness.

    1. Cutesolutions says:

      Super thanks for leaving us a comment! I like starting my day at 6am (or earlier) with something I love doing (like skateboarding or surfing) and that helps me smile through the rest of the day. Starting my day with something that I love doing, seems to elevate my energy levels throughout the rest of the day. Cheers, Haourn

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