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The Power of Habits and Coaching

Why is it so difficult to create a habit?

  • Do you set goals and all of a sudden find yourself procrastinating so much you actually don’t achieve those goals?
  • Do you feel trapped and don’t know what the best way is to solve your problems or reach you goals?
  • Tired of seeing other people who aren’t as good as you be successful?

There is a reason why! And it’s called habits.

Cutesolutions – The Habit Company

For more than a decade Cutesolutions has helped over 100.000 managers, employees, coaches and entrepreneurs change their habits and one of the most important things we have learned is that where we are in life is because of the habits we have build during the years. Some of them are good, some of them we should get rid of, because they are limiting our potential. And after 11 years of corporate training and coaching we decided it was time to create a Habit Magazine and a Habit blog to share with you all some habit secrets.

Why do managers and employees have difficulties creating habits?

How many times did you start creating a new habit and ended up failing? How are your New Years resolutions going? Hey, don’t worry, we don’t intend to make you feel bad! Not only managers and employees, but almost everybody, has difficulties creating new habits, because 88% of all habit attempts fail!

Unfortunately habit design is a counter-intuitive process, resulting to most people failing in installing the habits they intend on building. But take a deep breath, because there’s some good news too!

5-Step Habit Coaching Model

Once you understand how Habits work and follow our 5-Step habit model you yourself can start a chain reaction of new habits. Some people just seem to pick up one new habit after another, but others struggle just to keep up doing a simple thing for more than a couple of days or weeks. Why? Because successful habit creators understand how habits work. Subscribe today to the habit Magazine and give this 5-Step Habit loop a try next time you want to create a new habit!

Habit Coaching Video

And for those who are struggling, we created this Habit Creation Introduction Video, where I am going to share with you our 5-Step Habit Loop which explains you exactly how to build new habits, how to get rid of bad ones and ultimately help you fulfill your dreams and reach your full potential.

Good luck with those new habits! Go to Habit blog.

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