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For more than a decade Cutesolutions has helped over 100.000 managers, employees, coaches and entrepreneurs change their way of working, but also their way of living. One of the most important things we have learned, during all these years, is that where we are in life depends on the habits we have build during the years. Our habits are the reason we are successful or not.

Our mission? Help YOU create life changing habits and help you unleash a chain reaction of new habits. Because once you get a hang of creating habits, it gets easier and easier to create new habits! So get that habit loop looping!!

  • Step 1: Choose a habit you want to build and share in the comment section below!
  • Step 2: Subscribe to the Habit Magazine, unlock and watch the 90-minute workshop on “How to build new habits”.
  • Step 3: Design your Habit loop and watch the magic happen!

The Power of Habit Training

How many times did you start creating a new habit and ended up failing? How are your New Years resolutions going? Hey, don’t worry, take a deep breath. Not only managers and employees, but almost everybody, has difficulties creating new routines, because 88% of all habit attempts fail! You are not alone.

Unfortunately habit design is a counter-intuitive process, resulting to most people failing in installing the habits they intend on building. But take a deep breath, because there’s some good news too!

Once you understand how habits work and follow our 5-Step Habit model you yourself can turn the 88% failure rate upside down. When it comes to Habit training you have to start by defining first what it is you want to change and why you actually want to change that. Next you have to discover how habits work and how to use the 5-step habit loop to create that habit. It’s that simple. You can create any habit in 5 easy steps.

Subscribe today, pick your habit, unlock the 5-Step Habit loop, and we are going to show you have you can double your chance of success in building your new habit!

How To Build New Habits


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